KeyFM Radio - Together with you

Communication is essential to overcome the constraints to development and face the challenges. Rural communities should have at their disposal the tools to access and convey useful information and knowledge. They should be able to exchange experiences, knowledge and techniques and be actors in the debate on development maters. In Tanzania, radio is the most widespread and popular tool of communication. Its versatility allows it to be a tool of development.

To be the leading media house in Southern Tanzania.
Radio KEY FM will be a Zonal-class radio station, providing Southern Highlands with a wide range of valuable, high quality programming that reflects the diversity of our community and our world. Radio KEY FM programming will seek to educate, inform, and expose listeners to new sounds, cultures, experiences and ideas, thus enhancing knowledge and understanding More specifically, Radio KEY FM is intended to enhance public awareness and stimulate development through:

  1. Educational programmes
  2. Music entertainment
  3. Music and cultural promotion
  4. Information dissemination